We adopted Mookie (or Norma as she was known in the shelter) on July 2, 2015. We had seen her picture online and instantly fell in love. When we got to the shelter, someone else had already grabbed her blue card ahead of us, and we almost missed out. However, that person ended up leaving the shelter, allowing us to be next in line to adopt her. As fate had it, our darling Mookie (named after Red Sox player Mookie Betts) came home with us, and she’s taken over our home and hearts over the past 2 months. At first, she was very timid and shy. She wouldn’t play with any toys, wouldn’t sleep in a dog bed, and spent most of her day cuddled up with us, watching our every move, making sure we weren’t going to leave her. Thankfully, after 2 months of having her, she now loves to play fetch, tug of war, go for long walks, go for rides in the car, and enjoys her nice cushy dog bed. We have discovered, however, that she does NOT like other dogs. She barks, bites her leash, and gets very upset around them. This is a behavior we’re working on with her, and we hope that she learns to like other dogs soon. We love our little Mookie so much, and can’t imagine life without her! She’s brought so much joy into our hearts, family, and life.